Privacy strategy

Build customer trust and future-proof your marketing 

Privacy is changing our industry for the better – adapt your strategy to stay ahead of the curve.

Between new legislation, AI, and the deprecation of third-party cookies, privacy is more important than ever. 

Introducing privacy-first digital marketing:
  • We help you assess how privacy impacts your strategy, from measurement to audiences
  • Together, we will ensure that your setup is future-proofed
  • Alignment across your entire team with cross-functional workshops and dedicated support
  • Meet our team of privacy and data experts ready to advise you

Be prepared for the new European regulation:

The DMA and DSA are two important pieces of European regulation that will shake the digital marketing world in 2024, providing new challenges and opportunities.

Be ready for 2024 through:
  • Adapting your setup to meet Google’s new consent requirements
  • Implementing Consent Mode in-platform
  • Turning increased transparency and data standards into a competitive advantage 
  • Implementing a flexible set up to ensure you can make changes according to new requirements as fast as possible

Learn more about the upcoming DMA & DSA regulations here.

  • The banking industry may be traditional, but it’s a sector so used to stringent regulations that it can be at the forefront of how to address the privacy challenge. We can lead the way by ensuring data is used correctly and in a way that benefits both ourselves and our customers.

    Anniken Jonsson
    Head of Digital Marketing Bluestep

Prepare for the deprecation of third-party cookies and iOS17 roll-out

It has been a long time coming, but in 2024 important technology changes will continue to disrupt how we do digital marketing.

Our services include:
  • Redefine your route to measurement and targeting with the post-third-party cookie environment in mind
  • Build a compliant data foundation to activate your first-party data
  • Future-proof your strategy across the marketing funnel
  • Rethink your audience strategy for a privacy-first world
  • Leverage AI for your marketing strategy in a safe and ethical way

Make sure you’re fully compliant, whatever your industry

We work with your legal team to help you apply the latest guidance to your marketing toolkit

We cover:
  • Implementation of cookie consent prompts
  • Improved compliance with first-party and third-party regulations
  • Privacy-first integration of your CRM data with marketing channels

The future is privacy–first.

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