In mid-August 2019, Domino’s Pizza Norway announced that their pizzas were “New, Bigger and Better” with an extensive branding campaign across multiple offline- and digital platforms. We collaborated with Domino’s Pizza Norway and their creative strategic partner SMFB on developing Snapchat (as well as all other digital) assets and a campaign plan in order to maximize reach, brand awareness and engagement. In order to determine whether these efforts were effective, we ran a Snapchat Brand Lift Study that indicated significant increases in Domino’s Norway’s brand awareness as a result of the campaign.

When we chose Snapchat as one of the platforms to reach people for the brand campaign, we also wanted to see if the creatives – complemented by specific targeting – led to any uplift for their primary KPIs (brand awareness and ad recall) with a Brand Lift Study. 

Illustration of how the Brand Lift Study on Snapchat looks like, made by Precis Digital.

A Brand Lift Study compares the brand perceptions of two groups: a “control” group (that isn’t exposed to any of the ads) and an “exposed” group (which does receive the ads). The Snapchat users in our target audience were randomly split into one of these groups, and at the end of the campaign, these groups were both delivered a survey with questions that we developed together with Domino’s Norway and Snapchat.

Example of how the questions in the survey looked like. This was for “Action Intent”.

Brand survey responses were gathered from both the exposed group and the control group. The differences between the two groups can be attributed to Snapchat media exposure, as all other factors were held constant.

We used several Commercial ads, multiple Snap ads and one Filter for the brand study campaign. This combination and wide variety of ads was ultimately one of the contributing factors in the campaign’s success.

The results

The campaign ultimately drove significant lifts across all KPIs – and above Snapchat benchmarks. The study shows that we increased brand awareness by almost 11%. Ad awareness had a 135% lift, and for the “New bigger better” messaging we increased with +136%, which demonstrates that Snapchatters truly believe that Domino’s is New, bigger and Better

Even though this was set up as a branding campaign, we also saw a +35% uplift in action intent (respondents indicated that they were likely to buy from Domino’s the next time they ordered pizza!). 

Snapchat was successful in driving qualitative lifts in Domino’s primary KPIs for this campaign, and the client was thrilled with the results!

Frøy Solholm Høigaard Digital Specialist