2018 has soon come to an end, and once again we look back at a fantastic year for Precis. We pushed even harder to transform marketing to the better, taking further steps towards our vision to define the next generation marketing agency. And it seems like the need for is greater than ever before.

Over the course of 2018, the discussion around distrust in media agencies continued to grow. ID Comms “2018 Global Media Transparency Report” revealed that 40% of marketers distrust their media agency partners and that confidence in partnerships decreased 11% over the past two years. Wouldn’t you expect a different development? With continuously developing capabilities of measurement, enabling media agencies to prove the value of their service, one would really expect the opposite. Clearly, something is wrong. Given that Precis is out to transform marketing to the better, we couldn’t have a better starting point, but for the industry, it is of course negative. However, this distrust is fuel to our vision. We exist to define the next generation digital marketing agency and it is clear that the need for that is still growing.

Media buying has come some way in making the actual buying efficient, but there is a lot more to do when it comes to proving the value. We believe that a media agency must take full responsibility in doing exactly that, followed by making sure that the generated value or the efficiency is improving. Given that the purpose of a media buying is to deliver value to the clients, this should be the focal point. It is important to remember that a media agency exists because of their clients, and not the other way around.

At Precis, we believe that the recipe for success is to be found in a relentless focus on developing our People, our Service offering and our Technology. Given these three strategic areas, we are proud to look back at a year of strong development in all three. Some examples:

  • We onboarded more clients than ever. This is obviously very important to us since it is the ultimate proof that the appetite for the alternative we are trying to build is not only big, but it is also growing.
  • We are now over 200 colleagues working to change marketing to the better. This has allowed us to both widen and deepen our competence in order to bring value to our clients.
  • Within technology, we have had our most productive year so far, with the launch of several new applications aimed at optimisation of Google Ads, Facebook Ads and DV360, as well as developments of existing tools within data-driven attribution, bid optimisation and much more.
  • Within our focus areas Attribution and Audience, we pushed through some of the most advanced projects in the market. Tying that back to our vision about defining the next generation digital marketing agency just makes me very proud!
  • We kept our growth at +50% YoY with strong growth across all Precis offices.
  • For the second year in a row, we were awarded “Best Large PPC Agency” at the European Search Awards.

Entering 2019 we have even more excitement in store for Precis and our clients. Within our service offering, we will continue to push our focus areas Attribution and Audience in order continue to break new ground. We will continue to do our best in staying relevant to every client that is looking for an alternative. Without saying too much, this topic will be strongly linked to our technology development. More on that later! Within people, we are currently looking to hire 65 new colleagues across all offices and departments, to accelerate innovation and our capability to deliver cutting-edge work. Who knows, we might also open new offices in order to expand this alternative?

With 2018 coming to an end, we would like you to thank all Precisers, clients and partners for yet another fantastic year. Let’s continue to build the alternative in 2019.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Christoffer Lötebo Group CEO & Partner