VOLT – Accelerating e-commerce launch through paid search and paid social

Revenue increase from paid channels


Our data-driven strategy and technologies have increased revenue from Google and Facebook with 28% and 129% respectively.

Decrease in cost of sales (CoS)


The profitability derived from the investment in paid search has increased year after year, reflected in a decreased COS.

Revenue share from paid channels


Paid channels delivered 50% of total revenue while overachieving on a set cost of sales target during the important and challenging first year.

  • The people at Precis are genuinely interested in and excellent at what they do. That, combined with a personal, almost family-like approach to us as a customer, makes our cooperation with Precis an easy one. Highly recommended to contact these guys.

    Thomas Hamre
    Expo & Communication Manager VOLT Fashion

Success factors

1. Close creative cooperation

Building on a solid account structure, we have worked closely with VOLT to deliver top-quality creatives in all channels. This close collaboration has allowed us to stay true to the brand while performing the always important tasks of delivery optimisation.

2. Measuring the full value

Implementing Store Visits in Google AdWords is an example of enabling tracking and evaluation of the total value created by a paid channel. Being able to measure how paid traffic influence visits to retail stores make it possible to leverage its value further.

3. Proprietary technology

The online fashion vertical is very competitive, and you often compete with actors that have a similar offering at a similar margin. This increases the importance of being able to act smart and fast. By using the Precis Optimisation Suite, we are able to stay ahead of the competition by employing advanced optimisation technology.

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