Åhléns – Doubling down on performance

Increase in revenue first year


During the first year of collaboration, revenue increased by a whopping 221% compared to baseline.

Second year revenue


During the second year of collaboration, Precis was able to beat their own results by 137% YoY.

increase in ROAS


Continuous improvement to profitability with new efficient campaign structures and large-scale automation.

  • A close collaboration with Precis has helped us ramp up data-driven decision-making and marketing performance year by year. They ensure we stay ahead in our digital efforts.

    Johanna Levy
    Sales Manager Åhléns

Success factors

1. Understanding the true value

With the help of data-driven attribution, Åhléns was able to understand the true value of generic searches, and scaled their investments. Precis’ proprietary data-driven attribution model has throughout the year attributed digital performance tied to Åhléns’ customers’ interactions with search, which has been a crucial insight for Åhléns to understand what efforts are contributing to their bottom line more accurately.

2. Proprietary technology as a foundation

Precis’ own technology platform has been utilized since the beginning, automating critical factors of the performance such as bidding optimization, attribution modeling, and keyword expansion. Frequent additions of new features and ongoing development of existing ones has been a key driver to the continued improvements in results year by year.

3. Transparent communication

Keeping a close and transparent dialogue between Åhléns and Precis has been key to identify areas of improvement and pushing high-impact initiatives forward.

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