Brandwatch – Value-based bidding within B2B

Increase in ROAS


Decrease in Cost per SQL


Decrease in Cost per Meeting Booked


  • Precis have brought in new perspectives and innovation in our paid media strategy. From ideation to planning and execution they are a reliable partner and an essential part of our growth journey

    Kiril Kirov
    Senior Digital Growth Manager Brandwatch

Success factors

1. Salesforce integration

Precis used historical records to create a value-based funnel that could accurately feed conversion values to Google within a narrow Google-limited 90 Day window. With a Salesforce connection tied directly to Google, we could make sure that later stage events were included in Brandwatch’s bidding targets, not just top of funnel lead creation.

2. Value-based bidding

We created multiple lead funnels to teach Google’s algorithm what leads to go for and valued the leads on a number of factors. For instance, scoring meeting bookings with an enterprise company 32% higher or scoring demo bookings 3x higher than free-trials. This taught Google to focus the marketing budget on exposure towards an audience that were more likely to actually be interested in the service.

3. Flexible collaboration

Precis and Brandwatch have a long and established relationship, working together as one team to drive initiatives that will ultimately drive growth for the business.

Hey there, qualified lead.