Care by Volvo – Redefining the way people can own and access a vehicle

A unified media and creative team

The main factor defining the success of this collaboration has been the integrations of all areas of marketing. Oftentimes, the different areas of digital marketing are siloed and perhaps work towards different incentives – which at times might even counter each other.

Within this project, we have integrated all areas from media buying, data projects, analytics and creative both operationally and structurally between the teams with common objectives.

Setting new standards for performance

In launching a new product to such an established industry, we had to set out to create a comprehensive map of every conversion point – small or large – and link these signals to our overall picture of performance at every stage of the funnel.

This then allowed us to see where we were missing – or losing consumers – allowing us to work with Volvo to build our own benchmarks and make adjustments to content or messaging based on this real-time analysis.

Identifying previously overlooked audiences

With Care by Volvo, we wanted to avoid making assumptions about our audiences. Therefore, we kept our audience brackets wide and allowed creative adaptation through messaging and visuals to steer the targeting on platforms instead.

By testing different variations of these, we found that we could gain more traction with both younger, and female audiences – challenging some of the more traditional assumptions about the audiences you might see in the automotive space.

  • It’s been a pure joy working with Precis. The expertise they have in unifying both content and paid and having that set up as one team means we are always optimising, not only from a content perspective, but also using data as a guiding star to take our next steps.

    Emelie Överdahl
    Head of Content & Optimisation Studio Volvo Cars

Success factors

1. Digital maturity for creative

We develop our clients’ creative maturity by engineering tailored creative solutions for different audiences and touchpoints in the user journey. Ensuring each creative plays to the unique strengths of digital channels. Through an iterative process we continuously develop, test, and improve creative assets and concepts. Allowing data and consumer insight guide us in everything we do.

2. Aligned expectations with business goals

It is fundamental to take that step back and define what success looks like before jumping into any project. It’s a bit of a clichè, but data does not speak for itself. When we dive into insights, simply looking at tables and dashboards won’t make much of an impact. Connecting this information to business objectives is what will make data actionable.

3. Optimisation for full funnel marketing

The media mix was mature and structured to cover the full funnel efficiently, but we needed to direct the platforms to the right users at the right stage, without using targeting that was too restrictive for algorithmic optimisation. Adapting content was key here, but also having a strong data infrastructure to evaluate results consistently.

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