TUI – Transforming paid social revenue

Increase in bookings YoY


A granular audience strategy combined with CPA-optimised bidding led us to achieve +200% in bookings with lowered CPA.

Uplift in revenue from paid social YoY


Even with traffic as primary goal, Precis’ ambition from the start was to increase TUI’s revenue share from paid social. A heavy shift in account structure enabled a conversion-oriented allocation of budgets as well as structured targeting of audiences built upon purchase intent, resulting in increased revenue streams while hitting the traffic target at the same time.

Decrease in CPC


Automated processes for updating content and sharing data insights on ad performance have allowed for increasingly relevant and engaging ads, resulting in a profitable drop in Cost Per Click even during intense peak periods.

  • We have fundamentally changed our way of working together with Precis Digital. The automated processes and data-driven insights combined with close collaboration has been the main key to success.

    Pom Ahnborg
    Nordic Media & Performance Lead TUI Nordic

Success factors

1. Structured & explorative tests

Our consistent drive of finding the best creatives and conversion signals enabled us to strengthen the relevance and bidding on an ongoing basis. Structured processes across teams and stakeholders for testing, evaluating and taking action, allowed us to continuously push the performance further and achieve greater results.

2. Expanding high impact audiences

By researching TUI’s target audience, Precis was able to identify similar audiences and interest categories aligned with TUI’s existing customers. Combined with an audience structure based on purchase intent and enhanced control of devices and placements, Precis expanded the portfolio of audiences in a profitable manner, achieving bookings from both new customers and returning customers.

3. Effective bidding

Optimising towards value-indicating actions, and not only the main KPIs, enabled us to base our bidding on an increased share of valuable signals from TUI’s customers. This strategy led us to reach conclusions based on a greater set of data, which in turn enhanced the end goal performance.

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