Fjällräven – Successful brand-building through a test-driven campaign

Increase in ad recall


70% increase in ad recall compared to previous campaigns.

Increase in action intent


285% increase in action intent lift (people considering buying Fjällräven products).

Increase in CTR


392% increase in click-through rate indicating that even if the campaign was focused on driving awareness, the users found the ads and creatives engaging.

  • Precis helped us incorporate learnings from previous campaigns, focus on creating purpose-based visuals, and set individual goals for the ads that aligned with the overarching campaign objectives. The outcome was the best creative campaign results we’ve seen so far

    Joel Nyrén
    Global Marketing Planning and Media Manager Fjällräven

Success factors

1. Creative experience

Inspiring and aesthetically pleasing content has always been Fjällräven’s strength. Precis helped the client adapt that content to digital channels to match the intended outcomes.

2. Measurable goals

Clear KPIs were set for each stage of the plan. Then, KPIs were translated into different actions expected from the users exposed to the ads. Visuals and communication were created around that.

3. Ongoing relationship

Strong and established relationship between Fjällräven and Precis opened up doors for timely and flexible creative collaboration and campaign planning leading to a successful digital campaign.

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