Cool Company – Growing the customer base in the Nordics and Europe

Increase in conversion rates


A rigorous keyword research process found completely new valuable keywords that drastically increased the advertising performance.

Decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA)


Through rigorous portfolio optimisation, waste from low performing segments could be reduced and high performing ones increased. By utilising Precis’ proprietary technology — e.g. the automatic bidding and negative keyword mining tools — precise action on performance changes could be taken on a daily basis.

Increase in clicks


Precis used its knowledge of writing high performing ad copy to increase the accounts quality score. By also reducing waste from low performers, Precis could lower CPC and grow traffic effectively.

  • The people at Precis are competent and interested in what they do. They are proactive and keen to always find the best way forward. They find pride in reaching milestones together and are eager to optimise the campaigns beyond what we expected in the first place.

    Ambra Pierrou
    CMO Cool Company

Success factors

1. Back to the basics MEAS

Coherent and correct tracking in Google Analytics and Facebook was implemented in order to make a foundation for sound decisions in the marketing platforms. The reliability made the data more actionable, providing correct insights for Cool Company to scale its business efficiently.

2. Efficient account structure

New and improved account structures set the foundation for efficient search engine marketing. With a more efficient structure came greater control and better conditions for more accurate bidding. Conversions surged at the same time cost per conversion declined, particularly on non-branded keywords.

3. Proprietary technology

The automatic bidding tool, part of the tech platform developed by Precis, increased control of the bidding while conversion volumes were maximised — all by optimising the cost per conversion throughout all campaigns.

Let’s grow new markets together.