Biltema – Increasing offline conversions through digital marketing

Store visits


Through a more granular and hyperlocal account strategy and increased focus on foot traffic we increased store visits by 86% Year on Year.

Cost per store visit


We maximized value per click due to an increase in traffic and maintaining a high conversion rate. This resulted in a 46% decrease in cost per store visit.

Traffic at the same cost


Quality score improvements through account restructuring as well as re-allocation of budgets resulted in an 81% increase in traffic, at the same cost.

  • Precis understands our needs and goals, and with their implementation, we were able to increase our traffic, revenue and get more customers to our stores.

    Toni Zovko
    Digital Marketing Biltema Norge AS

Success factors

1. Local inventory ads

Local inventory ads allowed us to showcase Biltema’s products in a new way, and the channel has driven over 78,000 store visits since launch. This was beneficial not only due to the channel’s capabilities, but the early implementation also gave us a competitive advantage.

2. Hyperlocal structure

The optimal account structure allowed us to buy more traffic at lower costs. Additionally, we were able to prioritize the most valuable users from a store visits perspective. When reaching users close to the warehouses it was key to tailor messaging and CTAs to drive foot traffic.

3. Optimal KPI setting

Store Visits being the main KPI allowed us to shift focus when buying and optimizing traffic. Paid search was identified as the main driver of footfall, so we were able to optimize this channel to maximize offline impact. As a result of the high impact, we also increased investments in these channels.

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