Jotex – Increasing awareness and consideration among women aged 22 to 55

Our approach

A collaboration based on data and insights was important to kick-off this project. With the main focus being on creative maturity and driving long-term sales. To understand their current situation, Precis analysed their share of search and brand tracking data. This analysis revealed the consideration phase as a crucial opportunity for driving sales growth.

What we did

To enhance brand identity, we aligned all messaging shifting from short-term promotions to emphasising Jotex’s core values.
By employing a full-funnel strategy, we could tailor the messages for maximum resonance throughout the user journey. The implementation of a dynamic Paid Social structure ensured timely and targeted messaging, adapting seamlessly to users’ evolving purchase intent. This approach, coupled with a robust testing framework, facilitated continuous improvement and sustained success.

Increase in transactions


Transactions increased by an impressive 215%, accompanied by a noteworthy 36% reduction in the cost per acquisition (CPA).

Increase in traffic to site


Site traffic (LPV) witnessed a remarkable surge of 222%, while the cost per LPV decreased by 41%

Decrease in CPC


The cost per click (CPC) decreased by 37%, contributing to overall cost efficiency.

  • Our collaboration with Precis has been a great success. The synergies between our channels and their data-driven approach with digital strategy has taken us to the next level. They have been creating, evaluating and testing insight-based concepts and campaigns, to help us understand what works, why, when, and how.

    Daniel Jensen
    Online Marketing Manager Jotex