Paradox Interactive – Making Youtube work harder

Decrease in cost per view


A unique and granular design of account structure and bidding process led to an 80% decrease in CPV

Increase in view rate


By applying positive and negative targeting the View Rate was increased by 140%

Increase in number of views


With an increase in investment of 244% we were able to raise the number of Views by 1 657%

  • The team at Precis is genuinely committed to our success. It feels just like working with my own passionate colleagues.

    Luciana Oliveira
    Performance Marketing Manager Paradox Interactive

Success factors

1. Audiences & targeting

We created a more granular campaign structure across audiences, topics and placements. Together with negative exclusions of targeting methods, this enabled us to see and optimise performance – raising the View Rate by 140%

2. Smarter bidding

With it’s increased granularity, the new structure made it possible to bid in a much smarter way. In turn, this has led to an 80% decrease in Cost Per View, and reduced the Cost Per Click from the YouTube ads by 43%

3. Awareness & bidding

Paradox Interactive pushed hard with their branding campaign on YouTube throughout 2017. They increased their investments by 244% compared with 2016. Going beyond all expectations, we were able to increase Views by 1657%, Earned Views by 1034% and clicks by 504% on their entire YouTube investment.

Let the games begin.