GANT – Massive impact with Youtube branding campaigns

View rate


250% over YouTube benchmarks, average view rate per episode was over 71 % percent.

Youtube cost per view (CPV)


At 0.22 SEK the average Cost Per View was 35% lower than the YouTube benchmark.

30 second video CPV


For 30-second videos on Facebook and Instagram, the Cost Per View was as low as 0.67 SEK.

  • We choose to work with Precis since their approach to client x agency collaboration is very modern and flexible. They are genuinely interested in always seeking out the best alternative and they have proven this several times over, which builds a very deep trust that is unique today.

    Eleonore Säll
    Global Marketing Director GANT

Success factors

1. Precision makes performance

Building a solid account structure let us focus on relevant target audiences. With careful persona analysis and optimization between key groups, we were able to generate enormous engagement on Facebook and Instagram – while driving visitors to video assets on YouTube and GANT websites.

2. Never stop improving

We continuously brought up optimization suggestions based on our data insights. Thanks to a highly engaged client and some great discussions, we were able to act on the signals and increase campaign performance several times over.

3. Branding meets performance marketing

Whether the objective is sales, brand perception or both, we believe all marketing should be measured by its performance. We made daily optimisations of the campaigns, and had a relentless approach to performance evaluation, maximising the effects across platforms

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