Matas: An award-winning omnichannel experience 

Increase in paid search revenue

€3.4 million

Matas’ paid search revenue increased by €3.4m, driven by an increase in transactions and a decrease in CPC.

Increase in transactions


The increase in paid search revenue was driven by a 20% increase in transactions.

Decrease in cost per click (CPC)


While the transactions increased we managed to significantly decrease the CPC.

Increase in traffic to Matas’ webshop


There was even an upturn in traffic to Matas’ webshop, showcasing the effectiveness of the more tailored marketing approach.

  • Precis is a partner capable of integrating campaign excellence, data science, and advanced measurements. Over the past five years, Precis has assisted us in identifying our impact on in-store sales and activating this directly in our external marketing channels.

    Aleksandr Hemminghytt
    Head of Paid Media Matas

Success factors

1. Building a data warehouse

To create a powerful central source for data processing, Precis built a custom data warehouse in Google Cloud’s BigQuery. This opened up for the opportunity to add countless automated tools enabling personalisation and saving costs on time consuming tasks.

2. Personalised customer experience

The data warehouse helps Precis facilitate a personalised customer experience by consolidating data from Matas’ website and various channels. Implementing Local Inventory Ads ensures that when a customer shows interest in a product online, the nearest store with the item in stock appears in Google search results. This strategy not only improved the customer experience but also increased the likelihood of in-store purchases.

3. Automating workflows

Based on Matas’ business goals we added automated tools for both marketing activation and reporting. Apart from enabling Matas to significantly enhance their paid marketing activities, we were able to automate time consuming tasks (brand build outs, sales activation campaigns, dashboards) saving both costs and freeing up time for more strategic tasks.

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