NOVASOL – Driving domestic performance during the pandemic

Increase in non-brand bookings


For the Danish market Q4 2019 to Q4 2020.

Increase in non-brand net revenue


For the Danish market Q4 2019 to Q4 2020.

Increase in net ROAS


Non-brand net revenue per booking remained stable Y.o.Y.

  • Precis has been an indispensable digital sparring partner for us for many years. They continuously challenge us in the things we do and have always been ambitious in helping us find the solutions that are best for NOVASOL. There should be no doubt that their ability to advise us and monitor the comings and goings in a market that was suddenly disrupted has been a key part of steering through a very turbulent 2020.

    Jannick Christensen Precis Novasol
    Jannick Christensen
    EMEA Traffic Manager NOVASOL

Key initiatives

1. Keyword composition

In contrast to previously, the new travellers in the market had little to no brand preference, and Precis saw an opportunity to meet the younger and less experienced audience in particular and expand NOVASOL’s non-brand coverage.

2. Landing page selection

More inspirational landing pages were used to recognise the new audiences. Depending on how far in the decision-making process the potential customer was, landing pages were adjusted dynamically in combination with bidding, to make sure all browsers received content relevant at the given point in time. The account structure now revolved around matching customer intent and content and instead of keywords and landing pages.

3. Ad copy variants

Finally, Precis created new ad copy variants, each specifically addressing needs and potential concerns associated with travelling in a year of uncertainty, along with messaging addressing the reduced climate impact of domestic travel.

Expected the unexpected.