Afound – Personalised programmatic campaigns increase CTR 151%

Increase in click-through rates


A feed with tailored messages and product images was created for 41 audiences with over 200 creatives. This scale and relevancy would not be possible without a dynamic approach. Customers reacted to this increase in ad relevance by a whopping 151% increase in CTR.

Decrease in cost per acquisition


While buying impressions is not a goal per se, boosting site activity is. Moving from vCPM-bidding to micro-conversion CPA made more potential customers find their way to

Viewability increase


By combining micro-conversion CPA bidding and setting a viewability minimum of 50% lower than the observed viewability at the time, Precis increased the quality of ad servings and excluded inventory with low viewability that did not add value for Afound.

  • Precis’ expertise in data-driven and agile marketing has been key for our successful launch of Afound. Precis has quickly integrated with our in-house marketing team and their knowledge within Google’s ecosystem has been immensely valuable in implementing our strategy. In this capacity, Precis has truly been of great value for Afound.

    Joakim Zaar
    Digital Marketing Manager Afound

Success factors

1. Tailored audiences

A granular mapping of interest groups for each major category was made. To be relevant in both the awareness and consideration phase of the customer journey, Precis used a combination of custom-made affinity & interest groups.

2. Innovative setup

By using the GMP-stack and implementing it with Bannerflow, Precis was able to create a brand-focused and scalable setup for the campaign. This made it possible to use relevant messaging, tailored to all 41 audiences. Our automated ad creation template made it both time and cost-efficient to scale these 200+ ad variations.

3. Programmatic buying

Precis had to challenge the method of buying programmatically. After a deep analysis of automated bid options in DV360, CPA-bidding was chosen. We continuously evaluated and adjusted the strategy to beat the high goals that were set.

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