Pricerunner – Upping conversions by 140%

YOY Increase in conversions


While lowering the Cost Per Acquisition, the YoY increase in conversions achieved was 140%

CTR Increase


With more relevant ads and better bidding control, the new account structure led to a 27% higher Click Through Rate

Profit increase


Increased volumes and maintained ROI led to a 42% increase (YoY) in total gross profit from SEM

  • We were hoping to raise our conversion volumes, but the last thing we wanted was to compromise our profitability level. Precis gave us just what we were looking for.

    Daniel Antell
    Head of Product Pricerunner

Success factors

1. Manageable account strcuture

Radically cutting back the number of campaigns in the new account structure enabled day-to-day scalable optimisation. We also created a narrower structure for Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) boosting ad relevance and bidding – enabling full automation on the long-tail.

2. Automatic account expansion technology

Using Precis automatic account expansion technology has been a huge benefit on this account with its constantly expanding inventory. It provided the best performing search terms for DSA and broad campaigns – both automated ads and suggested bids.

3. Enhanced automatic bidding

The Precis automatic bidding-tool increased control over the bidding while we were maximising the increase in volume – all while sustaining the profitability track record.

The numbers stack up.