Satispay – Driving reach and app installs in new markets with TikTok

Reduction in CPC


The campaign’s cost per click came in 56% lower than other platforms.

Reduction in CPA


Overall, the campaign achieved 434 app registrations and a 50% reduction in cost per action.

Increase in impressions


It also achieved a 347% more impressions and 123% more clicks compared to other platforms.

  • Satispay’s TikTok approach set a new standard in digital success. In collaboration with the Precis group, they successfully leveraged in-feed ad campaigns to drive interest in the Italian market – with results based on a foundation of data through incremental testing.

    Ibrahim Patat
    Paid Social Lead Precis

Key iniatives

1. In-feed ads

For their awareness and conversion campaign, Satispay chose one of the most engaging formats – In-Feed Ads. With an up-beat video that felt 100% native, the Satispay campaign helped the brand engage with a new audience in a personal and authentic way.

2. In-app event optimisation

For this specific product launch, they ran in-app event optimisation (AEO) for their ads. AEO provides the power to find new audiences for your brand, while encouraging specific behaviours such as app installs, in-app events, purchases, or form completions.

3. Marketing evaluation

As for campaign conversion, in order to correctly evaluate the incremental effect on the Italian B2C market, we ran an incremental test on TikTok – comparing the treatment group (had access to TikTok ads) and the control group (no access to the TikTok ads) for campaign performance.

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