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This shows that the audience truly enjoyed watching the ads that we created

Ad recall lift


The ad recall lift is a great indicator that we created something memorable that actually had an impact on the target audience

  • This case really shows how a close collaboration between creative and digital strategy produces better impact and results. By having a data-driven approach to everything from ad production to activation of the campaign, we made sure that we reached the right people with content they found relevant’’

    Martin Maaløe
    Creative Team Lead Precis, Copenhagen

Key initiatives

1. A data-driven approach to creative

By tailoring the creative based on the data from our testing framework we managed to create truly engaging content pieces. The results show that these ads were memorable and had a spill-over effect on other channels.

2. Test everything

By deploying a solid testing framework we were able to gain insights on how to best create engaging content that the audience actually liked

3. Tailored ads for you

The creatives were tailored to match each persona in the target audience hence making the ads more relatable and enjoyable to watch.

Bring your story to life.