Stutterheim – Establishing brand recognition in the luxury segment

Our approach

The strategy was based on research and data. By examining the behaviors of consumers in the luxury segment, we determined that leveraging user-generated content (UGC) and emphasising product quality would be the best way of achieving our goals.

What we did

We developed a full-funnel creative strategy balancing a luxury feel and showcasing products through UGC. To ascertain whether the insights we used were indeed contributing to good performance, we conducted creative tests based on specific hypotheses. These insights were then used to shape the creative strategy for the peak season.

Increase in clicks


Adding user-generated (UCG) elements to the creative mix had a large positive impact on link clicks. UCG contributed to a more genuine connection between the brand and the audience while also enhancing performance.

Increase in online purchases (YoY)


While doubling the ad spend, we tripled the purchases YoY. We learned which creatives were most effective at driving purchases and continued to optimise our creative efforts towards those creatives. This iterative approach bolstered our understanding of what resonated with the audience and contributed to sustained improvements in the overall campaign effectiveness.

Increase in ROAS


The insight-driven creative strategy played a pivotal role in driving increase in ROAS. Basing the strategy on data and insights ensured ad relevance and even improved purchase value.

  • We absolutely loved working with the creative team at precis, with great results and high creative output.

    Sofia Kappelin
    Marketing Manager Stutterheim