Outnorth – Taking action on shifts in trends and user demand

Fresh trend data

Fresh and updated trend data on a daily basis, enables quick and confident actions on user behaviour and trending product categories.


Focus and budgets can be directed towards high potential product segments and toward marketing channels that drive revenue.


Daily insights can be used to iterate on the campaign plan. Outnorth was able to integrate the tool quickly as a recurring part of their planning across the organisation – not just for marketing..

  • With this report, we get a quick and automated overview of actual shifts in trends and not only linear trends. This helps us in many areas but mainly it gives us an insight into customer demand and where we can have the biggest impact.

    Henrik Wilnersson
    CTO Outnorth

The process

1. Our role

Outnorth needed a solution that could evaluate and visualise their customer data in a way that could enable real-time decision making on their product catalogue. Our team used Google solutions BigQuery and DataStudio to create a seamless integration from data to delivery.

2. The challenge

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic enabled a drastic and rapid shift in consumer behaviour – we needed to find a way to help Outnorth adapt to this challenge. With the right data, they could provide customers with the right content at the right time and increase marketing spend and efficiency at the same time.

3. The solution

The result of our efforts was a comprehensive warehouse of data stored in Google BigQuery and pushed live to a report in DataStudio. The real-time analysis enabled Outnorth to have insights into trending product categories, website behaviour and much much more… ultimately making their online spend far more efficient and increasing ROI.

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