Scandic – Thriving in the battle for room nights

Total room nights increased YoY


Restructuring the accounts combined with a campaign device split helped to make bidding more Precise. We reduced CPA by 6% overall.

Non-brand room nights increased YoY


We increased investment by 33% across 6 accounts which meant that the overall CPA for non-brand was reduced by 26%.

Mobile room nights increased YoY


We increased mobile investment during 2017 by 142% with -11% in CPA.

  • With Precis as a partner, we did not only see fantastic growth in the business results, but also an agile way-of-working where data-driven decisions and self-learning tools are fundamental.

    James Perrott
    Performance Marketing Manager Scandic

Success factors

1. Don’t underestimate the power of mobile

A lot of our focus was put onto mobile which was underutilized when Precis took over. The top conversion path was mobile → desktop, so by embracing cross-device conversion and switching to data-driven attribution within Google Ads we were able to gain more credit for mobile campaigns.

2. Finding synergies between channels

When developing the paid search strategy, emphasis was put on testing and analysing paid search performance in relation to other channels, such as organic search and OTAs presence on the SERP, in order to find the right balance. Taking a larger share of the hotel search category and increasing customer bookings in Scandic´s owned channels were key to achieving cost-efficient growth.

3. Proprietary technology

Our own bidding technology is one of the key factors. Paired together with automated processes that help us expand the accounts with more keywords, it becomes unrivaled in reaching the target set.

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